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Brisbane Toll Roads

Driving in Brisbane is becoming expensive as more toll roads are introduced. Most toll roads are moving to a cashless, or "free-flow" system which means that you must have an E-tag. In Queensland these are issued by Go Via or Flow.

An e-tag from any Australian toll road will work on Queensland toll roads.

Tolls are calculated either electronically, using a go viatag, or by video tolling, using go viavideo, where an image of your vehicle and registration plate is captured and matched to a database. You will need to choose one of these methods to pay your toll.

An e-tag will be the cheapest way to pay the toll.

The Logan and Gateway Motorways were the first to transition to free-flow tolling in Queensland. Other free-flow toll roads in Brisbane include the CLEM7, Go-Between Bridge and Airport Link.

Queensland Motorways will offer a range of toll payment options to meet the needs of all motorists. These include:

  • electronic tolling - a go viatag account (the same as the current E toll tag account and available now)
  • video tolling with a go viavideo payment option:
  • a go viavideo account or
  • go viavideo passes.

An e-tag is the cheapest way to pay tolls, as go viavideo options incur an additional video matching fee per toll point.

All E-Tags from Victoria and Queensland work on Sydney toll roads.

Failure to pay tolls within 48 hours will result in an infringement notice being issued. This will be sent to the car hire company who will pass it on to you.

Note that the car rental company will charge an Administration Fee for processing an infringement notice.

Check here for more information on Queensland motorways.

So, when driving a Brisbane rental car be sure to take note of the new toll road signs and be prepared to pay to drive.

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