Toll Road Information

When driving a rental vehicle you are responsible for paying all toll charges that apply to motorways. The list below shows motorways with toll charges imposed on them - you must pay the relevant toll using one of the following methods:

  • Cash Booth - where available
  • Purchase of a Day Pass - from the toll operator
  • Use your own E-tag
  • Purchase the Toll option from the car hire provider - this is available on a limited number of roads.

If you are using your own Toll account or E-Tag, please ensure that you contact the toll operator to provide them with the registration number of the rental car before you travel on the motorway. If your E-Tag does not 'beep' when you pass the tolling point you will need to contact the toll operator.

If you do not pay the required toll for travel on these motorways - the car hire supplier will provide the toll operator with a declaration that you were the driver of the car. The toll operator will directly charge you the toll fee plus an administration fee. The car hire company may also charge you an administration fee.

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