Amazing Australia

We all know that Australia is an interesting country, with a diversity of flora, fauna and scenery. Here we show you some interesting and unusual images of this wide, brown land.

If you're driving in northern Australia you might see something like this, and if you do...stay in your car...

Liasis amethystinus in Australia

Yes, it is a snake...probably a Scrub Python - Liasis amethystinus (kinghorni). They are not poisonous but can crush the life out of a wild pig and might take an interest in your little Spot if he escapes from the car.

In Australia this species is found only in northern Queensland and adjacent islands, though it does have relatives, of similar size, throughout northern Australia.

It might be waiting here to catch a road train, loaded with cattle, coming over the ridge...or it could be simply crossing the road, providing an unusual photo opportunity.